Here are some things about this blog that may excte you / piss you off:

1) it will be part food blog/part my job consumes my life and makes me crazy/and part I’m hyper and get excited about things easily

2) my schedule makes it impossible for me to post immediatly after consumption of every morsel, so – I will do my best to post at least once daily, but beyond that it’s probably not happening

3) I have a potty mouth (my husband calls me his delicate flower and makes the meanest smirk in the entire world) which makes me both hysterical and offensive

4) I’m a terrible sleeper.  I stay up way too late and in spite of my best intentions I sleep in more than I’d like to

Please let me know what you would like or hate to see here.


2 Responses to fyi

  1. yay i’m your first commentor! your ‘about me’ cracked up. i see a lot of parallel in our lives… except my future husband only eats like three husbands. 😀 your wedding picture is beautiful, you look so happy!

    all i can say is… PICTURES! we all love to look at pictures, and it doesnt’ have to just be of food!

    and i’d love to hear more about your job (within privacy reason… we dont want you to get axed b/c of the blog!!). teaching is so stressful, i know, but there must be some pretty funny moments!

    thanks for joining the blogging community and i look forward to reading more! 😀

  2. emily says:

    caitlin – thank you so much! I am beyond excited to get a comment! I will certainly have many hilarious stories to share about the job (it feels some times like all I’m accomplishing is funny stories!) that I will post.

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