What a Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood

I couldn’t help but think of that Mister Rogers quote as I walked around today.  My husband is in Teach for America and he has his first big meeting today.  He spent the day at Starbucks and is now off to Manhattan.  Anyways I met him and walked him to the subway and then ran some errands (post office, buy a magazine, quick grocery run).  As I was walking around I figured I should do a blog post about some of the reasons I love this neighborhood.

Many of the stores have classy windowscapes such as this

This is a legitimate store; they sell superpowers and the proceeds go to a program http://www.826nyc.org/ that encourages children’s creative writing










Melissa Sweet, a famous bakery, puts this on their sidewalk sign:

How cool is that?  As I walked around I got a major craving for mac-n-cheese so I headed to the grocery store and picked up this:

It’s ok, but not great.  It was only 300calories, but it has way too much sodium and it’s more like noodles in cheese sauce than mac-cheese.  What I was craving was the crunchy toping you end up with from the ones made by Annies.

I also grabbed a fountain diet coke on the way home.

Boringlyadditionally since I’m doing this for accountability I should add that I ate a lemonhead from my wedding stash earlier.

Our wedding colors were yellow and blue so as favors we gave out lemonhead and dark chocolate Lindt truffles.


6 Responses to What a Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood

  1. Allison says:

    Hi! I found your blog via Kaths…and I just have to say I love your “about me” section. I know that tons of blogs have popped up after food blogging became visibile via Cristin at ealikeme.com, but I love the fact that you can admit to having a blog to “represent all the rest of us.” Love it!

  2. emily says:

    Allison – thank you so much! I’ve looked at your blog before and you’re doing a good job, so your approval means a lot. It is def. true that a lot of these have popped up; I general do everything I can NOT to follow trends, but a trend that encourages weight loss is hard to buck!

  3. VeggieGirl says:

    Such a gorgeous windowscape!! And I love the blue & yellow color scheme from your wedding 🙂

  4. emily says:

    VeggieGirl – thanks! I actually based the colors off of a shirt of my husbands that I love! We had yellow cake with yellow frosting with blue dots, and lemon curd and blackberries inside to go with the theme – yum!

  5. those bags are super cute! i need a favor item for the wedding.

  6. emily says:

    caitlin – they were super easy; we bought the paper bags at a joanne fabric and there are tons of sites online that will custom make cheap stickers. I did my wedding on a major budget, and I love the way it ended up.

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