Hungarian Hottness

Paprika that is:

My mother bought me this as a gift this summer and I’ve been itching to use it.  Paprika in general is probably my favorite spice, but my husband isn’t too keen on hot so I’ve been saving this for an eat-alone dish.

To backtrack however, I had a handful of peanuts while I brainstormed a quick dinner idea (we had plans to go out on a double date but had to reschedule for later this weekend).

The protein in the peanuts must have kicked my brain into gear because and idea came instantly: Turkey Cheese Crisps!  I came up with this recipe during a month in my senior year when my husband (then boyfriend) and I basically ran out of food money.  It is cheap, easy, and pretty much my favorite thing ever.

  • set your oven to broil, cover a baking tray with tinfoil, and spray with aluminum foil
  • lay down slices of turkey
  • top each slice with a small amount of cheese (I usually use shredded cheddar for the best results but tonight I tried blue cheese and a non-fat Baybell mini)
  • sprinkle with paprika
  • broil for 3-5minutes

and this –

turns into this –

I ate this recipe along side 5 Tyson frozen chicken tenders with some homemade honeymustard (2tsp of honey to 2.5T of spicy mustard; seriously better than storebought) and a CokeZero.  I know some of you may be skeptical but this truely made me smile everytime I took a bite!

By the by. . . .this meal inspired a new page, be on the look-out!


One Response to Hungarian Hottness

  1. VeggieGirl says:

    Love the paprika!! I’m a spice-lover/-fanatic 🙂

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