Red, White, and Boring?

I have an addendum:  I know I created this blog to represent the “everyman,” but my diet is usually not so……American.  Because of my busy schedule and long commute I do rely on some packaged foods (i.e. Kashi, Lara, Cliff bars), but I’m not usually so processed!  I love to cook, so I usually make my own food.  I feel like everything I’ve eaten since I’ve started this blog has come from a box!

I think this is how this blog will be beneficial to me.  Without pictures (VeggieGirl,, delightfully calls it “food porn“) this blog will be boring.  So this will force me to plan and pre-pack healthy breakfasts and lunches during the schoolyear so I can make little veggie Zoolanders out of them the night before.  Monday starts a new month, and Tuesday a new school year.  I’m big on fresh starts, I feel like this is a good time to start feeling comfortable with myself again.

Now on to the food.  I had my final day of school without students today.  We had a quite pd meeting and then were given the afternoon to work on our rooms.  On my way home I stopped to get a can of diet pepsi

at which point I realized I had not eaten or dranken (drunkin? drunken?  I’m an English teacher for gosh sakes!) anything all day!  Honestly, it is worth it though.  I am DONE with my classroom set up! (pictures to come on Tuesday)  Even though I have tons to do for school still this weekend it feels great to have the learning enviroment worry out of the way!

Happiness aside, I grabbed a snack pronto when I got home

Carrots and a Stonyfield fat free plain yogurt with a sliced plum and a dollop of jam.  I prefer plain Greek yogurt but I eat a lot of yogurt so unfortunatly that is not always in my budget; maybe if I lived closer to Trader Joes.  This jam however, is awesome.

It is “Triple Berry Preserves” from Rothchild Farms.  Just (triple) berries, nothing else.  If you live somewhere where you can buy from this company I Highly recommend it.  Whenever I visit my grandma one of my favorite things to do is go to Rothchild Farms for jams, sauces, homemade buckeyes and fresh fruits and veggies!


One Response to Red, White, and Boring?

  1. VeggieGirl says:

    Haha, Emily, you made me smile 🙂 But yes, photographs are DEFINITELY a “must” for blogs, since they break up large blocks of text and are fun to admire.

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