I Yam Almost Done

I had to spend some quality relaxing time with my husband when I got home but then it was down to business.  Including a trip to the gym (with husband in tow, thanks baby!).  On the way there I snacked on part of a Kashi Roll bar to give me energy.

I ate another one of the Kashi “candies” recently and love, love, loved it, but this was just ok.  The flavor was nice but it was too sticky.  It was a little large too; I only ate about half of it and had to toss the rest into the bushes to biodegrade.

At the gym I did 30minutes of intervals on the treadmill (2minute run followed by 1minute walking) which said I ran 2.8miles total.  I think I’m getting shin splints, but my ankles and knees felt great – I LOVE my new running shoes!  I also did a quick abs and stretch session.  My goal right now is 3 runs a week, no more than 30minutes, not back to back.  I will ease my way in and up my times/frequencies as the weeks go on.

After a shower, lunch packing, etc I made a quick dinner.  About half a packet of vanilla Carnation instant breakfast with skim milk (with two Flinstones gummy vitamins).

And leftover Thai fried rice with a yam with a little Promise Activ.

Seriously, yams are amazing.  With a microwave they can be ready to eat in five minutes, start to finish.  And this one smelled strongly of burnt marshmallows when I cut it open, which is always nice.

I have a bit more work to do, but I’m hoping to drift off soon.  Sweet dreams all!


One Response to I Yam Almost Done

  1. VeggieGirl says:

    Hope you had a restful evening – happy Wednesday!! 🙂

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