Mixing It Up*

*I like this because it is like a double entendre (spelling?).  Its literal (gym) and sarcastic (3rd day of the same dinner).

I ended up eating dinner, doing work, and then going to the gym; so I switched my schedule all around.  I had, shocker, leftover thai fried rice for dinner.  A small serving, it was amazing but I’m pretty much done with it! 

BUT I added in a cucumber, tomato and blue cheese salad which was delish!

I had tons of schoolwork which put a big lag time between dinner and the gym so I snacked on this fruit leather on the walk there.  Very impressive Trader Joe!

At the gym I did 30minutes split equally among the elliptical, the treadmill and the stairstepper.  I didn’t get to do any strength training (the gym was literally closing around me) but it’s ok because I plan on skipping the gym tomorrow to do strength training at home.

I have an early morning, gotta crawl off to the shower.


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