Tootie Fruity Dinner

I’ve gotten a lot done today, so I’m feeling much more excited about this school week.  Including packing lunches for A and I for school tomorrow.  I’m only showing his because I’ll do mine tomorrow.


A turkey, mustard and Parmesan sandwich; a special k bar, a CokeZero (he drinks whatever I drink) and an applesauce.  If you are wondering; the pictureis a heart with a mouse. 

Our nicknames for each other are bear and mouse – now bearband and mife.

My yummy dinner required marination time so I made big salads for the wait time.  While I was prepping salads I snacked on a dinosaur plum.


Iceburg and romaine mix base topped with-

  • strawberries
  • pumpkin seeds
  • goat cheese crumbles
  • half a plum tomato
  • poppy seeds
  • and a few spritzes of Balsamic Breeze


Our “second course” was orange chicken.  I can’t share the recipe because it’s a Racheal Ray, but this was origninally for orange beef that I modified.  Along with a CokeZero.


My favorite part was the sauce so I crumbled in some saltines when I was done to “soak up the juices.”


Orange beef is actually one of A’s favorite Chinese orders, but I don’t eat red meat (I don’t eat pork either, what it is is that I don’t eat mammals but that sounds extraordinarily obnoxious).  I have only eaten fowl and fish (excluding duck because I adore them) since the summer before 8th grade.  It’s crazy that it’s been so many years now but I did not grow up really eating meat so I don’t miss it (my father only does fish/fowl as well).  My parents fed me everything as a child and allowed me to make my own decisions which I appreciate.

I actually tried 2 weeks in college as a vegan (when I was eating from the dinning hall – bad idea!) to see how it felt.  The experiment backfired, not being allowed to eat honey really irritated me for some reason.  Instead of feeling closer to nature I ended up feeling extremely malicious towards bees!  Plus I discovered Greek yogurt soon after and I never want to give that up.

My bedtime goal is 12:00 and though I’ve accomplished a lot I’m certainly not done, so I’m off to (try to) finish up.


One Response to Tootie Fruity Dinner

  1. VeggieGirl says:

    Best of luck with your upcoming week!!! 🙂

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