Eating My Feelings

Not really, but I am quite sad.  I did some work and then did make it to the gym for a run.  I was doing intervals (1.5min jog, 30sec sprint, 1min walk) on the treadmill and at 1.8miles exactly my right ankle/shin started to hurt so badly I thought I was going to throw up.  I’ve always had running issues but this is so frustrating!  I’m making a point of taking it super slow at first; I ran yesterday, I will be certain to do no more back-to-backs.

To compensate I did 10minutes on the rowing machine.  It did not feel like much of a cardiovascular feat, but my arms got a much needed workout!  And I ended with some quick abs and stretching.

Now that I’m home and showered I’m eating my evening snack (I planned this in before dinner) and icing my leg.  With frozen berries and peas on the outside, I’m having a 1/3 Cup of FiberOne caramel squares topped with a little sprinkle from my new sampler packet of granola.

I never buy granola (high cost and calories) but I always want to.  This was smallish though (so cheap) and who can pass up molasses and pecan flavor?

Sweet dreams to all!


One Response to Eating My Feelings

  1. VeggieGirl says:

    Oh no!! I do hope that you’re pain-free now!!

    Molasses & pecan granola?? Yum!!

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