What a wonderful Friday!  If I was at a different school I’m not going to say I would be excited about behavior, but today felt like a good day!

For lunch I packed a CokeZero with a tuna/crackers packet.

This flavor (Spicy Thai Chili) is definitely my favorite thus far.  I feel like it hit my tongue in all the right places.  Unfortunately I ran around most of lunch and didn’t have time to eat all of it (I hate wasting food, and it seems as a teacher you do a lot of that).

On the way home (in a car due to the rain, thank you mr. c) I stopped and got this tea.

White tea with strawberries (and cane sugar).  I love strawberry tea (especially the shaken kind from bubble tea places – so I enjoyed this.  80calories per serving (2 per bottle) so I gave the second half to A when I got home.

It’s a pretty work-packed weekend, begining with some chores tonight (groceries and laundry among other things), so I’m off.  We are not sure right now whether we’ll cook dinner or eat out, so I’ll have to see.


One Response to TGIFriday

  1. VeggieGirl says:

    So glad that your day is going well!! Hope your weekend is just as successful.

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