I’m Busy, But I’m Not Kvetching*

*that’s Yiddish for complaining folks.

Volunteering was wonderful; the four hour shift is a little long, but I really enjoy it.  When I got home I made myself a quick lunch and got to work on my chores.

I saw these at the grocery store and was so excited.

Knishes are wonderful, but I always find them a little too doughy; these kinishetteswere perfecto.  I ate 4 alongside 2 prune plums and a container of all-natural applesauce (yes, I know applesauce is usually paired with blintzes and latkes, not knishes, but I’ve yet to find a deli I love in my area so I’ll take whatever childhood memory meals I can get!).

My first project was to organize all of our medical, bills, accounts, etc. information.  I’ve been handing A mail for a year and feeling like an ass because I was making him deal with it.  Apparently this is how we had been dealing with it:

So now it looks like this:

And check out my super cute file folders.

I realized I had not eaten enough, so I munched on a (burnt) whole wheat bagel with lowfat chive and onion cream cheese while I did some e-mail organizing.  P.S. is anyone else hating the new facebook?

Next up was A’s ginormous mountain of laundry.

To be fair, I literally have the entire closet and most of the drawers in the 3 dressers, so he doesn’t really have a spot for clean stuff.  However, now it looks like this instead.

I even fixed up my toenail polish!

A sidenote:  As a child-teenager I had the cutest feet.  Like legit, people would randomly comment on them.  Now that I’ve become a statesider and have to wear real shoes, not so much.  I still rock my reef sandals well into winter though!

Now I’m headed to the gym and then the post office and pharmacy.


One Response to I’m Busy, But I’m Not Kvetching*

  1. VeggieGirl says:

    Hooray for volunteering, a nice lunch, and being organized!

    Yeah, the new Facebook is kind of confusing to follow 😦

    Love the toenail polish!

    Have fun at the gym and with your errands!!

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