To Bear, With Love

Tonight for dinner I made I made a special (read: less healthy than usual) meal for the hubby.  Chicken Parmesan!  I can’t share the recipe because it’s from a magazine, but basically breaded chicken cooked on the stovetop.

I had mine with steamed brocolli sprinkled with paprika and a baked sweet potato with a little PromiseActiv.

(I left most of the larger piece)  It was good, but frankly not as good as a very similar baked recipe I usually do.  Unfortunately, now I’m off to work again.  Back to the grind!


********Updated to add:

In spite of losing power for several hours (boo) I got all of my plans/materials for the week finished (yay)!  And I also ate this little guy:


2 Responses to To Bear, With Love

  1. VeggieGirl says:

    Sweet potato + spicy broccoli = divine.

  2. Christie I. says:

    Sweet potato looks great!

    Btw, you can post a recipe ifrom anywhere you want, as long as you site where it came from. The laws about recipe copyright are very loose.

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