Yippie or Oopsie?

While the last 24hours worth of eating have not been my finest, I’ve been cranking out productivity like nobody’s business!

I completed two (random, sort of pointless) assignments for my school last night, putting me ahead of schedule for today.  However, when the husband got home I was starving, and I ate this:

3 of the garlic knots that came with his pizza.

And a broccoli and cheddar lean pocket.

When I look at the whole day, my (estimated) calorie/fat count is actually not too high.  But I don’t feel my best when I’m eating this much bready stuff.  I should have eaten a larger dinner so I wasn’t hungry later on, but I have officially learned that when I’m that hungry I kind of never get full – I’m better of just being hungry until the next day.

This morning we rushed out of the house in order to get a seat at the coffee shop so I had zero time to pack food.  I ordered a sandwich and a large nonfat latte when I got there.

(Sorry for the bad picture)  I ate none of the chips and all but a bite of the sandwich.  This sandwich was awesome.  Smoked turkey, NY cheddar, Dijon mustard, and mango chutney!  The bread was almost like a croissant though, and it had way more meat and cheese than I’d put on at home.  I’m making a special dinner for A tonight, so that won’t be the healthiest either.  But, all of my plans for next week are done!

I have more work to do, but I took a break to walk home with half of my stuff (I had 3 textbooks and a laptop in my backpack, among other things), so the final trip home won’t be so heavy.  I also packed a healthier snack for the second session at the coffee shop.

My Sigg filled with icy H2O and a peanutbutter cookie Lara bar.

Now I’m headed back out to work!


One Response to Yippie or Oopsie?

  1. VeggieGirl says:

    PB COOKIE LARABAR!!! You should know by now how strongly I feel about those 😉

    Good luck with the rest of your work!!

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