Computer Food

I packed A the rest of the leftovers for lunch and ended up with an odd assortment of bits and bytes for dinner.

One spinach kinishette.

One Trader Joe’s dried hibiscus, delicious by the way.  It sort of looks like a spiny starfish, but it tastes pretty good.  Hibiscus are my favorite flower (we used to have them planted all along my house growing up) and I’ve had gorgeous hibiscus mimosas, so I was very pleased to see a new form of a favorite.

Two slices of watermelon.

Leftover steamed broccoli with half a diced plum tomato. 

A small handful of a (almond with apple, date, balsamic vinegar, flax and red pepper) nut mix.

A small (3/4T) forkful of natural peanutbutter.

And finally five frozen chicken nuggets with a honey straw.

This wasn’t a ton of food, but it should be fine.  My many small bites weren’t very satisfying though (and I’m cranky) so I’ll pretty definitely have a snack after my shower.

And, ooh, I forgot to post this last time!  Look at what we walked past on our way down to Staples tonight:

An apple tree!  A had a bite of one and said it tasted funny, so I didn’t get to pluck and eat one, but it was super exciting.


*****Updated to add – I also ate an (unphotographed) mini 100calorie bag of kettle corn popcorn.


One Response to Computer Food

  1. VeggieGirl says:

    Dried hibiscus, eh?? Sounds enticing!!

    I’m so envious of that apple tree!!! None here 😦

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