It Comes in the Morning, Muesli*

*This is a dorkified “Aliens” quote the hubby always says when I eat muesli – which is what I had for lunch.

Last night I took a 1/2C of oatmeal, a Stonyfield fat free plain yogurt, the teensy bit left in the bag of dried fruit and a giant peach and put them all together.


And today for lunch I ate my muesli along with this acai juice.

Which was actually terrible, and I had a water instead.  I thought I liked this, but I guess I’ve always had it blended with other juices.  Does anyone have a plain acai juice that they enjoy?

Also, for breakfast I ate this blueberry yogurt Luna bar and a banana.

My gym visit was only so-so today.  I had big plans to go to a fun looking abs class, but someone’s dawdling (not pointing any fingers A!) made me too late.  I ended up doing about 15minutes of pilates mat inspired abs and leg work followed by 7sets on various arm machines. Meh.

It’s 8:45 so I’ve got to run off as I still have lunch to pack, dinner to eat, copies to print, and a serious shower to take!


2 Responses to It Comes in the Morning, Muesli*

  1. VeggieGirl says:

    Have you ever tried the Sambazon brand of açai juice?? It’s definitely the tastiest one out there.

  2. emily says:

    Thanks for the suggestion; I’ll have to pick some up my next grocery stop!

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