Bleh, Blah, Bleck

Not the best of posts for not the best of days.  My job is pretty high stress (which I’ve been doing very well with this year), but for some reason today just really got to me.  We are doing a ton of standardized testing this month (which is another post entirely!) and it makes the kids crazy.  I had an all boys class for a 90minute math test which meant they missed their gym period – fun times folks!

I also didn’t do so hot on photographing food-type things.  I do have pictures of my yummy lunch though.

Five kinishettes, four dried hibiscus flowers, and a small all-natural applesauce.  Very enjoyable.

The “food” (I’m in the middle of In Defense of Food, which makes me really have to describe this as “food” loosely) I could not capture was a bag of combos, a club soda, a mini snickers bar, a mini kitkat bar, a bit-o-honey, a 100calorie bag of corn nuts, and two bites of A’s chocolate croissant.  I’m sure my poor food choices have zero relation to my stress!

I’m not really one to wallow though, so I’m hurrying out to a pilates class to perk myself up!  Dinner when I return a saner humane being.


One Response to Bleh, Blah, Bleck

  1. VeggieGirl says:

    Eeeek, hang in there with the stress!!

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