Age? Time Ain’t Nothing But a Number

I didn’t have time to eat breakfast today, so I had breakfast for lunch!

A to go bowl of Kashi Heart to Heart, with a single serving box of soymilk, and 3 prune plums.  Very, very satisfying.  I don’t buy soymilk because it is higher calorie than skim and I often waste the end of it, but I really enjoy it in cereal.  I also had three unphotographed caramels (90calories) at the end of the school day.

Equally satisfying is the snack/meal I’m eating right now –

A plain nonfat Chiobani, mixed with about a tbsp each of maple syrup and ground flax, topped with a black plum and a bit of my lavender walnut mix.  The texture of this (grainy and creamy at all once) is fabuloso!

I stayed at school late, so I have no schoolwork for the evening (though I might work ahead) and all that’s on the agenda is a gym trip and dinner.  I’m hoping to be home in time to crack into one of my new magazines.

A and I met at the Atlantic Center to use some gift certificates from the wedding we were worried might expire.  I got some cute underwear from Victoria’s Secret (I’m notorious for cute underwear, it was a major topic of conversation in my high school’s locker room) and some things from Target.  I picked up some exciting Halloweenie food that will be making a blog debut soon!


One Response to Age? Time Ain’t Nothing But a Number

  1. VeggieGirl says:

    Oooh, the “Halloweenie food” sounds fun! 🙂

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