Bad is Good

What a topsy-turvyway our plans turned out!  I actually got sent home from volunteering because the general consensus was that Raspy McGee should not be working with patients – which was good because I got to come home early and catch up on some sleep!

And we didn’t go to the Met because I ended up sleeping until 2ish – which was good because it meant A and I could visit a new local place!

A vintage scarf from my mommy helped to brave the cold,

We had a late lunch at Flippsters (a burger, fries, shake-ish place on 7th avenue).  I drank an unsweetened iced tea, but had a sip of this bad boy (also the cherry on top).

I ordered the housemade veggie burger, the base of which was squash, zucchini, onion, garlic, etc.  A little greasier than I’d like but quite good.  FYI – I only ate the burger (and pickles) none of the bun.

And A got a turkey burger which was only so-so.  But I ate 4 of his waffle fries.

On the walk home I bought this bottle of diet soda.

I adore this company.  Their products are fabulous; I usually only drink diet soda, but from Boylans I will occasionally drink a regular root beer (made with cane sugar!).

I got the soda at Union Market, where I also had half of this brownie sample.

 It was good, but A loved his so I only took a small nibble.  This store is super exciting to me though.  Too be honest, all food stores are; things were very different where I grew up!  As a child I’d get excited about stateside gas stations, because there was just so much variety.  It’d take me 20minutes to decided on a car ride drink.

A is going to volunteering tonight, so I have a lowkey night planned.  Light on schoolwork and heavy on magazine reading!


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