Starving, Stuffed, Super

I’m almost done with all of my work!  An hour left to go at 11pm isn’t that exciting, but at least I’ll be done for the week (other than the 9bazillion hours of stuff that I can not do in advance).

I ate a quick snack on the walk down to Staples, a FiberOne bar with strawberries and almonds.

I actually went back to the coffee shop to do my grading, so I ended up not being home until around 7:30!  I ate a teaspoon of natural honey peanut butter while I packed tomorrow’s lunch.  I ate dinner in two courses so I could reuse a bowl.

First, steamed corn with a diced egg tomato, topped with a smidgen each of olive oil and habenero pepper flakes.

Second, my leftover stuffed green pepper.  I will be making this recipe again soon, it was even better reheated!

And finally a (double bag) cup of triple berry tea with a splash of skim milk.

So you know – I will probably not be posting for another 24hours or so.  I like to go early to school on Mondays, and then I’m staying late and heading straight to a doctor’s appointment in the city.  From there I’m headed straight to dinner with A at Tavern on the Green.  I have a list I made of new york must go places that I’ve barely cracked and this is on it!


One Response to Starving, Stuffed, Super

  1. VeggieGirl says:

    I LOVE TAVERN ON THE GREEN!!!!! It’s such a gorgeous, classic restaurant, and I HIGHLY recommend it.

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