Bitch and Moan

This will be a quick post, before it devolves into me complaining!  I’ve had better school days.  I’m fed up with all the testing (which is pretty meaningless and takes away time when I could actually teach).  I’m tired of my all boys class thinking it’s ok to talk and then complain that they don’t understand.  I’m really tired of the student who puts on his “white person voice” and mimics everything I say.  In general behavior has not been a problem this year (and in other settings classroom management is actually one of my strengths), but today was draining.

Anyways!  I overslept again (probably because I went to bed at 1:30, huh?) so I had to do another round of food improvisation.  I think I fared slightly better today.  I caught a second between trains and bought this FiberOne bar for breakfast.

And for lunch I had a lite green tea – lemonade with a grilled chicken salad (from a tiny pizza place near my school – the only restaurants in the area are pizza and fried chicken).

With blue cheese dressing on the side, which I didn’t use because it was flavorful enough without it.  I ate about half of what is shown.

I also had a mini Snickers and one Starburst given to me during first period.  In spite of all my complaints my all girls class (who I taught less year and actually moved to 8th grade with) is in a state of perfection.  As angry as I was today it’s hard not to appreciate what a wonderful thing it is that 4 students asked to stay after school tomorrow to work on their writing assignments.

I’ll be back later, with a better mood I promise!


2 Responses to Bitch and Moan

  1. VeggieGirl says:

    Oh no!! 😦 I’m praying that your day will get better!! Hang in there!!

  2. run4life says:

    I can totally relate to your complaints! I have taught at three different schools, from 7th to 12th grade, and there is always a class that gets to you. Don’t let it get you down, you are doing great things, even for the white kid voice one. Try to just make it through, tomorrow is a different day!

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