Movie Snacks and Heart Attacks

It’s been a good Saturday so far!  Eagle Eye was awesome!  For the most part my movie taste is crude comedy (Super Troopers, EuroTrip, Forgetting Sarah Marshall, Knocked Up….), but this movie was dramatastic.  I highly recomend that people go see it.

We got a quick (and too small) lunch along the way at Uncle Moes.  We’ve been eyeing this place forever, look at how cute it is –

more pictures…

and the menu…

I got a fish taco.  And shared the best watermelon drink ever with A.

In most (American) Mexican places fish taco = fried with sour cream, but this was fresh grilled fish with pico de gio and lettuce.  Plus, burritos had a choice of sour cream or plain nonfat yogurt.  We will definitly be back!

At the movie I had a disgusting snack, but it was go-oo-oo-ood!  I had a Junior Mints (I adore mint w. chocolate, these or York patties are my favorite; I basically don’t eat packaged desserts), shared a medium popcorn with A, and had a bucket of diet coke all to myself.

I probably won’t eat a huge dinner after this but I thoughly enjoyed myself.  See ya later.

P.S. I just got summoned to jury duty – someone please tell me not to be upset?


One Response to Movie Snacks and Heart Attacks

  1. VeggieGirl says:

    Hooray for a great Saturday!! 🙂

    Eeeek, hang in there with jury duty!!

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