Is It Too Late To Be Posting Lunch?

It’s been a productive day.  I got my whole week planned (to be fair it’s only a three-day week) while I snacked on this:

A can of organic minestrone with a wholewheat bagel topped with PromiseActiv.

Later on I had this bag of soy chips.

I went to Crunch for a quick workout – a 5minute warm up on the treadmill followed my 30minutes of strength training with A.  Mostly arms and abs work.  I’m planning on making the gym a rule everyday (or at least 6 days a week).

Then we went to Staples to make copies.  We walked a longer way and passed a McDonalds, so I tried these apple dippers.

100calories (if you lick the container clean) for a filling and fun snack – what a great choice for 23year olds kids.

From there we stopped at Union Market for some grocery shopping – I love this store!  Since we have two days off we purchased some exciting veggies to make.  A also bought this fancy homemade foccacia and cheese, which I sampled when I got home (alongside a black plum).

On the rest of the agenda is showering, making posters, eating a fun dinner, and hopefully some good old Sunday night tv.


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