Caribbean Wake Up

In celebration of the fact that I’m actually up in time for breakfast, I made tropical getaway oats.

A 1/3C of oatmeal with cooked a banana and topped with

  • dried papaya
  • dried pineapple
  • dried (unsweetened) coconut
  • and some skim milk

Does anyone else find that a serving (1/2C) of oatmeal is just too much?  I’m not sure if it’s the banana.  I couldn’t even finish this.

Nice way to start off a Monday.  I’m planning on staying late-ish at school so I’m totally ready for Thursday, and then I have plans for the gym and a movie date with A.


2 Responses to Caribbean Wake Up

  1. Katrina says:

    I saw your comment on Kath’s blog. Love the idea of dried fruit. I only used canned because we had some leftover, so I thought I’d try it. Loved the tropical flavors. I love oatmeal AND bananas and chew, just like Kath, I also hate onions as does she. Just thought I’d take a peek at your blog. If you want to look at mine, beware, I’m all about baking and goodies! 😉

  2. Katrina says:

    Oh, and yes, 1/2 cup oats is a bit much. I do the 1/3 cup. So does Kath. I think she used to do 1/2 and sometimes still does.

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