Double Ugh

FYI – there are no pictures, but I do end with a story.

Keeping a blog was supposed to help me feel more in control of life this year, instead I feel like it is highlighting my screw-ups.  I think I actually made myself sick eating yesterday. (No photos by the way, I tried to carry a purse to school instead of my usually ginormous bag and it was stuffed!)

After breakfast (which I will be making again for sure) I had packed myself a small serving of my vegan wontons for lunch.  We were having a “lunch and learn,” which I was partially leading, so I couldn’t really do yogurt or anything like that.  For some reason this lunch left me starving.  I often feel like eating breakfast kickstarts my metabolism in a bad way – it makes me much hungrier.  I’ve spent a majority of my life eating no breakfast, no lunch, and a largish dinner and literally not being the slightly bit hungry until around 5pm.

Anyways, because I am, as I stated, the “food blogger for the rest of us,” and not some amazing organized, management goddess, I have no healthy back-up snacks.  And the insult to injury of working in the projects (please no one take this the wrong way, I am very aware of how blessed my life is) is that after growing up on an island and daydreaming of grabbing Starbucks on the way to work, the only food places near my school are fried chicken and mini-marts stuffed to the gills with trans fats.

Anyway.  I stayed at school until 5 doing work and by the time I got home I was in “so hungry good choices are an impossibility mode.”  A and I stopped at a Mediterranean place on the way home and I ate two of his falafels and an entire “small” baba ganoush.  When I was still hungry an hour later I wigged out and ate a huge thing of french fries.  Which made me feel like crap.

I had a delicious, healthy dinner leftover in my fridge, but because I’m unorganized and super busy I opted for junk instead (to be fair, I adore Med. food, but I pair it with a lot of veggies usually).  Which, I think I had an epiphany lesson moment for because the following 12hours I felt terrible.  Husband was actually a little bit worried about me because I felt so sick this morning.

On a better note.  I finally feel alive (it’s almost noon!).  I’m taking what I hope to be the world’s best shower and then we are heading to the Met.  I will be back with a non-crazed post this afternoon.

To end my raving, I’d like to share this story:  I teach the same all-girls class as last year (I looped with them as part of a study and also because their English scores had a big improvement).  Most of them hate to read.  C was one such student.  Earlier this year I said, basically,

“I know you hate reading.  Do you know why you hate reading C?  Because you suck at it.  When you don’t practice you don’t get faster or better, and then yes, reading is boring.  I promise, if you give me a month of trying, you will like it.  One month, trust me.”

I didn’t have high hopes, I had this talk with several students.  (I need to also add that I had this talk with her before the first pretest of the year.  Last year C scored a low 2.  Her score on the pretest was a 4)  She came in a week ago, raving about the story I assigned for homework.  Can she do a book report on it?  Hell yes!  A few days later they were taking a schoolwide English assessment in my room.  C’s hand shoots up mid-test,

“Ooooh, Ms. Wax!  Have you read this?  This story is really good!  I like this!”

I barely managed not to hug her.


One Response to Double Ugh

  1. VeggieGirl says:

    WHEW!! Hang in there with everything, Emily!!

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