One Day Down…

…one more day off to go!

I tried a new treat as a snack before dinner; a golden plum!

With some dried apple and two saltines with natural peanut butter.  This was good, but tasted identical to a black plum; I bought two, so I’ll see what the next one is like.  My favorite new try this year has been the pluot.

And I tried something new for dinner as well, okra!

I sliced the slimy stuff, dipped in egg and chipotle Tabasco, and rolled in plain breadcrumbs.  After 20 minutes at 450* they came out crunchy and delicious.

I also had leftover steamed broccoli and beanie weenies (I prefer stuff like this cold, so I just ate out of my storage container).

All together.

For dessert I had 3 dark chocolate snowcaps.

A bag of mini kettle corn.

And dessert oatmeal.

A 1/4C of oats (cooked with skim milk; never again, it was identical to with h2o) topped with a tbsp each dark chocolate chips, unsweetened coconut, and granola.

I have a busy day planned tomorrow, so I’ve got to head off to bed.


2 Responses to One Day Down…

  1. VeggieGirl says:

    Gorgeous plum!!

    Enjoy your busy Wednesday today!!!

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