It’s the First Day of October!

Even though I feel like crap, A is actually a confirmed sickie from a doctor, so we headed off to RiteAid to pick up his prescription.  I had some “feeling crappy” snacks during the walk.  A mini Baby Ruth,

and a diet coke and half a pack of fruit Mentos.

A and I only eat Mentos if we are together to share because we will both demolish however many are in front of us – those things are addictive.  My favorite flavor is pink.

When we got home we made the yummiest dinner ever!  Starting with these exciting veggies from our trip to Union Market the other day.

I have no idea what the official names for this fancy squash or eggplant are, but here’s what they look like after sprinkled with salt and roasted at 450* for 20minutes.

Served alongside Margarita Chicken and leftover okra with ketchup. (fyi, I left about half of the larger piece of chicken on my plate, but devoured the rest)

This chicken was thrown together because I was in a hurry, but I think I will repeat the recipe.

  • pour about tsp of evoo to a pan over medium heat
  • add two large chicken breasts (sliced)
  • pour in about 1/3 C of lemon juice, sprinkle breasts with salt and pepper, then cover pan with a lid for 5minutes
  • flip the chicken, sprinkle with salt and pepper again, then pour about 1/4 C of good tequilla into the mix.
  • another 5minutes or so and yum-O!

We celebrated the first day of October by splitting the Pumpking beer we excitedly bought a few weeks ago.

I only sipped a little glass, but this smelled delicious; just like pumpkin pie spice!

I did an October dessert as well.

A sliced this caramel apple for me to eat while I helped him with some grad school work.

I need to do pack up for tomorrow and then us sickies have big plans of a sniffletastic cuddle session.  Night all!


3 Responses to It’s the First Day of October!

  1. Christie says:

    Of course the pink mentos are the best! Have you ever seen that the make packs of just the pink ones???

  2. VeggieGirl says:

    Farmers’ Market goodies + caramel apples = yum!!!!

    Good luck packing!

  3. emily says:

    *Christie – I have not, how exciting!

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