SuperBad Blogger

Or just bad blogger?  No, I did not finish lunch at 6:40…….I just fell asleep until now!  I’m actually probably going to fix dinner now, so it seemed like a good time to post lunch.  A and I are both sick 😦

Our neighbor’s apartment has reeked of peanut butter cookies for the last 48hours, so when we walked by Subway I had to get one.  With a diet coke.  (That is A’s hairy hand)

A and I went to a local Thai place to get lunch special take out.

I ordered see you noodles with seitan and boiled veggie dumplings.

I ate all of the dumplings but only about 3/4 of the noodles.  I used to a be a pad thai addict, but now this is my current favorite.

A and I watched SuperBad while we ate.  True story

At A’s bachelor party (almost a year ago now, wow) there were strippers, and booze, and fried chicken, among other things.  And I heard all the details the next morning.  To be honest, my biggest concern was whether or not they had been able to find a hot stripper.  But it seemed like my fiance wasn’t telling me something, in fact all the boys were acting guilty (we have the same friends, most of my wedding party was men).  The detail I wormed out of A later on (that he and all the other boys were afraid to tell me)?  They watched SuperBad for the first time without me!  To be fair, I was pissed.

Off to join the awake folk, I’ll be back!


One Response to SuperBad Blogger

  1. VeggieGirl says:

    PB COOKIE!!! Scrumptious.

    HAHA!! Love the SuperBad story 😀

    Ahh, hope you and A feel better soon!!

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