Getting the Kinks Out

Wowsers it’s been a long day.  I ran out the door without breakfast today, so I grabbed a caramel FiberOne bar at the train station.

For lunch I brought a honey nut Special K bar(A and I’s favorite, without competition)

and the ingredients for Emily Pizzas!

Because this was a fairly low-cal meal I brought a higher calorie (and super higher excitement) drink:  Odwalla pumpkin smoothie!

I stayed at school until after 5 doing work, and then headed straight to the gym.  I final tried a (vastly needed) yoga class!  I went to Crunch’s Virgin Yoga.  It was a good/fun workout.  I did gymnastics as a child so my current stiffness irritates me, I’d like to try to do more stretching.

I have to redo my groups to accommodate new data, among some other school stuff, and I still need to eat dinner, so I’m off!

(For accountability – I ate three unphotographed bites of A’s chicken dog)


One Response to Getting the Kinks Out

  1. VeggieGirl says:

    Busy, busy day!! Get enough rest!!

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