“And When I Feel Like I’m Absolutly Going to Pass Out I Eat a Piece of Cheese”

I adore Devil Wears Prada, I’m going to have to suggest a rental when I visit my girlfriends this month!

Anyway, I was remind of that quote when I grabbed this Lite Babybell Mini pre-gym.

We’re sick so it was a lamish workout, but I’m glad I went.  10minutes on the elliptical, 7minutes on the stairmaster, and 10ish minutes of abs and streatching.  I also did 5minutes on the bike (confirming that I absolutely hate it).

We came back, showered, then headed off to the grocery store; I had a doublestuff Oreo first.  I also had some nibbles while making breakfast for tomorrow.

When I finally got around to dinner (11:40!) I tried a new Amy’s meal.

This was my first foray into Indian food; this was ok, but I still have no idea Mattar Paneer is.

I waited way too long to eat so I’m sure there is a snack coming up.  See you in the AM.

*****Updated:  Shockingly, I did go back for a snack.  A Greek Gods honey Greek yogurt.


This stuff is amazing!  It is definiatly dessert; full fat and full of sugar, but it is soooo good.  Plus, if you are placing it in the dessert category it is pretty healthy.

Not so healthy was the (regular-sized) bag of kettlekorn.

Hello, My name is Emily and I’m a popper.


2 Responses to “And When I Feel Like I’m Absolutly Going to Pass Out I Eat a Piece of Cheese”

  1. mi says:

    love that film too 🙂

  2. Hangry Pants says:

    I also enjoy the part in that movies where she says she’s one stomach virus away from her goal weight!

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