My Timing is Right on Target

It’s been a good day, filled with lots and lots of errands.  There were too many stops to recount, but the highlight of the day was Target.  We went to get a space heater and I ended up with two new cute sports bras and some Halloween stuff for my students.

While we were there A insisted we eat at Pizza Hut, so we shared a personal pizza and breadsticks.

On the walk home we stopped at a pet store hoping to pet some dachshunds and now A is pissed that I wouldn’t let him make this $900 purchase:

Between errands, I also went to a 45minute Pilates class at Crunch.  As I said when I began this blog, I had recently gained some weight and lost some fitness.  Currently I’ve lost a few pounds (putting me about 4 over normal and 14 over where I want to be), but have gotten even more out of shape.  I’m definitely feeling uncomfortable in my own skin.  It’s time to step up my efforts.

I’m ending this post with what I’m currently snacking on while I do my internet stuff,

baby carrots with a tbsp of chunky ranch dressing, a Red Bosc with a Babybell lite mini, and some Mary’s Gone Crackers gluten free caraway crackers.  I’ll be back for dinner, but for now, go buy yourselves some of these crackers – yum!


One Response to My Timing is Right on Target

  1. VeggieGirl says:

    Glad your Saturday is going well!!

    Stay positive with your fitness goals – you can do it!! 🙂

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