Gotta Have It When I Need It To Get By, Sugar High

*Anyone who can tell me what movie featured this song with earn my undying love.

With 2.5hours of sleep I thought sugar would be the only way to make it through the day, but I’m actually doing pretty well.  I’ve been in work mode since I woke up which is probably helping – I didn’t even eat breakfast because I was so busy on the train!

I had a tuna packet for lunch, but I’ve decided not to buy these any more (sorry for the lack of photo).  They are delicious, and I plan on eating the one in my pantry, but the cracker to tuna ratio is too low and I end up throwing away at least 1/4 of the tuna (and being hungry!).

I also packed this arsenal of healthy sugar rushes today that I snacked on throughout the day.

I shared the fruit leather with some of my students, they were unimpressed.  Nutrition is not a focus in this neighborhood, most of them eat Sour Patch Kids and Doritos for breakfast.  I always try to share healthy things with them and bit by bit they are surprised by what they like.  Unfortunately boysenberry fruit leather from Trader Joe’s was dubbed “flat raisins,” so I wouldn’t say it was a huge it.  I also split the Kashi bar with a coworker during our faculty meeting after school (the chocolate, I kept all to myself!).

I stayed at school finishing up work until it was time to head into the city.  A and I met beforehand and shared this vegetarian wrap (only my half is shown).

With shredded carrot, avocado and chipolte sauce I was in love, but the whole thing was less than 200calories, so understandably A’s stomach was still growling.

I snacked on an apricot and almond Kind bar while at the doctor’s.

I would say this is my favorite thing I’ve eaten this month.  Flavor, texture, everything is perfect.  And apricot and almond are one of the ‘superfood’ pairs that you are supposed to eat together.  Kind bars have the same ideology as Lara bars, but I’d say they are 5,000% more enjoyable.

It’s 9:27 and it’s possible that A will maul me if I don’t start cooking dinner, so I’m off for now.


4 Responses to Gotta Have It When I Need It To Get By, Sugar High

  1. Sharon says:

    I was contemplating which to buy when I saw them – Kind or Larabars. I ended up getting neither of them though. LOL

  2. emily says:

    *Sharon – go back and get Kind bars! I’ve had several flavors and they all made me deeply happy.

  3. Gale says:

    That would be Empire Records 🙂

  4. emily says:

    *Gale – 300points!

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