sushi = sunny unlike some hours in (today)*

*I’ll stop, I promise.

I let my anger get the best of me and wasted a better part of the evening stewing.  It’s a good thing I naturally have very low blood pressure!  I seriously do need to work on it though.  I would describe myself as intense.  Which is a charming personality trait when I’m excited or happy, but not quite as positive for negative feelings.  A and I did eventually pull it together though.

Anything I did tonight would be for next week, so even pushed back to tomorrow it’s still ahead of time.  A new sushi place just opened in our neighborhood and I’ve been obsessing about it since the sign went up almost a month ago.  Shinju was well worth the excitement.  (however, it was dark and fairly empty so the pictures are looooow quality)

A and I split an edamame appetizer.

Since therestaurant was new the sushi chef sent out a white tuna sampler for us!  I’m still working my way up from veggie sushi so I only had a nibble, but A said it was wonderful.

I ordered two rolls for dinner, first pumpkin!  This felt like the best way to welcome in the fall.

And a “Sharon’s Roll.”

Spicy lobster, shrimp tempura, and banana – swoon!  Seriously, I swooned.  I actually giggled after my first bite of this.  A shared two big pieces and was equally enamored.

To officially end the meal we bought Lindt mint truffles for the walk home.

I’m zapped – near all-nighters always hit me a day later – so it’s off to cuddle!


3 Responses to sushi = sunny unlike some hours in (today)*

  1. Sharon says:

    Wow, everything looks delicious! Glad you had a great night!

  2. VeggieGirl says:

    Hooray for fabulous nights 🙂 Hope your Wednesday goes well!!

  3. emily says:

    Thank you for all the fabulous support!

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