UPS = Utterly Pissed and Sad

I am officially issuing a boycott on UPS!  But I’ll get back to that later.

My foot hurt from the doctor so I left early to give myself time to limp to work and couldn’t eat breakfast.  It was ok though, I ate 4 fun sized candy bars at work instead! 🙂

For grown up food I packed a yummy lunch.

A cappacino soymilk box, apple slices, and a fig on the bottom Greek Gods Greek yogurt.  This is definitly my favorite yogurt brand, look how cute the package is!

I stayed at school late, because apparently the 3 day a week, 3-5pm tutoring program I agreed to teach started, today.  It will certainly add to my stress level but I’m glad to be doing it because several of the students enrolled are supercute and come to me for extra help anyways (plus I get $).

Things have gone downhill since I got home though.  I am too angry to describe the entire situation but the short version is that the UPS deliveryman (twice) left a package for another person but left a slip with my name.  In the time spent dealing with this I missed my gym class.  Plus my phone is broken (I get no audio) so that’s another item on my to do list.  Has anyone had troubles with with UPS?

Right now I’m not sure whether I’ll hunker down for some work or take a total night off with A, I’m sure you can guess which way I’m leaning!


One Response to UPS = Utterly Pissed and Sad

  1. VeggieGirl says:

    Oh no!!! 😦 Yes, I’ve had issues with UPS as well – they never wait long enough to let me answer the door to get the damn packages!!

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