Bees, Beavers and $2 Prostitutes, I’m Busier Than Them All

This has to be a quick update because I’m behind schedule for the evening.  I was also behind schedule this morning, leading to this breakfast of champions:

I’ve decided that Combos are actually the healthiest thing in the school vending machines, sad.  There used to be trail mix and nuts packets but now it’s all chips and candy bars.  Next month when things settle down I will gather up a variety of healthier snacks to stash in my desk.

For lunch I went to the pizza place by my school.  I knew I had tutoring 3-5:00 after school and wouldn’t be smooching anyone for hours so I went all out on the breath-killers.

A naked salad with raw onion and garlic knots.

Post school, and tutoring I accomplished one major to do and finally got myself a new (working!) phone.  I have schoolwork to do and actually plan on getting to the grocery store so I have to run!


3 Responses to Bees, Beavers and $2 Prostitutes, I’m Busier Than Them All

  1. VeggieGirl says:

    Your blog post title is just too funny 😀

    Good luck with your schoolwork!!

  2. Sharon says:

    I’ve actually never heard of Combos before. I guess they don’t have them in Canada?

    Speaking about the grocery store – I love grocery shopping, even though I doddle while I am there, so it takes me double the time compared to the average person! I browse around, walk around slowly, and take my time.. no rush,… except I get bored waiting in line though.

  3. emily says:

    Sharon – Combos are basically crackers with (real) cheese rolled up into one bite. They usually have 240calories a packet. They are not the healthiest snack, but not the worst either!

    I do the same thing at the grocery store, A doesn’t even really like to go with me! I grew up on an island and the stateside variety is still a little astonishing to me.

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