Second Wind

It took me a while to find my stride today, but I finally got some work accomplished.  I was super hungry (I’ve been extra hungry for the past month or so) all afternoon which really distracted me.  I’ve also been craving salt in an odd way; like I genuinely want a salt lick!  I think I am probably dehydrated, and I need to drink more h20 anyway, so I might set a daily water goal once company leaves.

I did snack on these Candy Corn Kisses after lunch today.  So good!  The serving size is 10pieces which I found odd; couldn’t you just have a 105calories serving, no one really needs more than 5 pieces at once no matter how many calories they have?

I ate dinner in two stages.  I started with my final veggie soup leftovers.  By the way, this soup is fresh tasting and wonderful, it doesn’t look like a swamp in real life!

And shared an eggplant roll with A later.  Which, in retrospect, is just the unhealthy version of what I ate for lunch!

I also shared some of his unphotographed munchies (a chicken nugget and a big bite of cereal).

I wanted to make brownies for A’s brother tomorrow, but realized at 9:00 that I was missing two ingredients, so A and I had to run out for this stuff.

We baked together which was fun, there is no activity that I don’t find more enjoyable with A.  We each had a beater after we put the brownies in the oven.

It’s late, so I’m not going to type out the recipe (from an old Shape), but it involves espresso and Greek yogurt and makes 16brownies with 120calories each.  If anyone is interested I’d be glad to post it for you.  I had to have a sample when they were out of the oven.

Oozey, gooey, toasty!

After lallygagging all evening I had a surge of productivity so I’ve been up late working on plans for next week.  It’s a long day tomorrow though(we have a single day of school before another day off on Monday), so I’m hitting the sack; sweet dreams all!


4 Responses to Second Wind

  1. Sharon says:

    To be honest, I have never tried Candy Corn before. So, I do wonder what the Hershey’s Candy Corn ones taste like. LOL.

    Anyhow, great post. The brownie looks delicious! Glad you had a fun time baking!

  2. wholefoodswholeme says:

    please do post the recipe – it sounds and look fantastic! anything with greek yogurt is already a winner for me 🙂

  3. VeggieGirl says:

    Glad you got your work done!! Knew you would!! 🙂

    OOooh, candy corn-flavored Kisses and a batch of brownies!??!?!! YUM!!

  4. emily says:

    Sharon – they have a white cholate base and that is the main flavor that comes through.

    wholefoodswholeme – I’ll post the recipe tonight.

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