Company’s Here

It’s been a busy, but fun, day.  I woke up earlier than I needed to this morning to do a little schoolwork.  At the train station I bought this bar, which I finally got a chance to eat third period.

For lunch I packed a juicy orange, a honey stick, a blackberry Nutragrain bar, and a nonfat Fage, along with a spooky blackberry Izze.

I smushedthe bar into the yogurt and it sort of rocked my world.  I also left the Izze on a desk two sips in; what is it with me and losing this drink!?!?

Two my classes were wonderful today and it was really exciting.  My last class of the day was terrible – I actually lost my voice trying to deal with them!

When I got home from school I helped A finish setting up and taste-tasted another brownie just to make sure they were good; I’m such a giver!

A’s brother was a little late because his plane had to circle while it waited to land.  He needed to pick up some liquid items post-flying so we all went to Target.  I got two exciting new sports bras and some Kashi Go Lean Crunch.

These cheap bras ($15) are super cute and comfortable and the cereal was only 68cents because I had a coupon!

For dinner we went to Buffalo Wild Wings becase it was right next to the store.  I shared four bites of the boy’s cheese fries (no pics).  For dinner I ordered naked tenders (plain, grilled chicken) with honey bbq sauce and blue cheese.

Sadly, I did not know these would come with fries – I ended up eating only 4 pieces of chicken but all of my fries and half of A’s (blush)! 

A and I also shared this ice-cream combo from ColdStoneCreamery; (small size) coffee ice-cream with Oreo and peanut butter.

Fun Fact: I worked at a Coldstone my senoir year in high school.  While A and I split the creation above once or twice a year I literally did not have a single bit of ice-cream the entire time I worked there.  I did win several cash prizes for being the perkist employee though(there was a smiling at customers right as the enter the door quota!).

Right now I’m home digesting while the boys are out drinking.  They went to meet up with A’s friends but I have volunteering in the morning so I opted to stay home.  Plus my foot really hurts.  FYI – this is the reason I have not been going to the gym.  I have several swollen areas on each foot because my island girl feet do not like shoes, however, one on my right foot got really big about a week ago.  It hurts like crap and anytime something touches it, like the brush of a sandal strap, my foot goes numb.  It seems like a bone spur and I’m trying to get a doctor’s appointment, but does anyone have any advice or insight in the meantime?  I’m pretty sad about it!


2 Responses to Company’s Here

  1. Julz says:

    OooOOoooOOOooooo Tarjay’s Sports Brizzles are SO fab! I have a BUNCH and love all of the styles ANd fun & flirty colors, too! PERF for my washboard chesticle 😉

  2. VeggieGirl says:

    Wow, no ice cream while you worked at Coldstone?? HOW?!?!?! 😀

    Eek, hope your foot gets better!! DEFINITELY try to massage it gently, and ice it.

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