Maybe “Kissed by a Rose” Will Have a Comeback

For dinner we made leftovers, version 2.0.  But we did some other stuff first….

After A’s brother left we took the long route to Blockbuster to return the movie so we could enjoy the unusually (and fantastically!) warm fall day.  When I came home I got back to work on my school materials.  I ate some brain food.

I made it to a 30minute abs and stretching class around 5.  It kicked my butt – which is great motivation to work on my current fitness goals. (FYI, I’ve also had 3 glasses of water, I’ll have to chug 3 more before bed)  On the way home we ran in a grocery store to pick up an ingredient for later this week and I got this HoneyMaid 100calorie cheesecake bar.

It was actually pretty good.  I generally shy away from the “100calorie” trend but this was tasty and satisfying.  I also ate two of these fantabulous milk and honey candies I found in the back of the pantry.

I snacked on some Mary’s Gone Crackers and turkey pepperoni while I cooked.  As well as some nibbles 🙂

For dinner we made yummy meatloaf sandwiches.

To begin with we sauteed mushrooms and parsley in a little PromiseActiv.  Then we put the ‘shrooms on top of slices of meatloaf, topped all that with some Parmesan cheese, and broiled it for 5minutes.

Open-faced and toasty.

I resolved to not late-night snack, but I planned on a larger dinner and didn’t get around to is, so I might have a snack.  I’ll let you all know in the AM!  *BTW – my Internet is being screwy so this forever to post and, I’ve hit my h20 quota for the day!


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