Ok, I haven’t eaten yet today, so this will be a quick post sans-pictures.  I wanted to take a minute to reflect and to let my (few) readers in on some updates.

A.  What you don’t see.

  1. Except when otherwise noted, I post everything I eat, minus these “others.”  Vitamens (which I almost never remember to take); h20 (which I don’t drink enough of); and diet soda (which I drink too much of).  I also don’t post singular bites (unless I’ve done a lot of tastings, which add up), for example, yesterday I took a small bite of brownie, decided it was stale, threw the rest in the trash and deleted the picture.
  2. I walk 1.5miles a day absolute bare minimum.  Roundtrip to get to work is 1.5miles of walking.  If I go to the gym it’s a mile roundtrip.  The grocery store is .75 roundtrip.  The pharmacy is .8 roundtrip.  You get the idea.  I also am a teacher, which means I stand every period of the day except for lunch.

B. How it’s going.

  1. I’m back to weighing 124lbs, which means I’m back to normal (which is about 10 pounds over where I’d like to be).
  2. I have basically not had formal exercise in the last month (not counting all the moving noted above).

So I’m back “in shape,” but “out of shape.”  While I haven’t been the model of health, I do think having a blog has occasionally motivated me to make some better choices.  As far as exercise goes, I’ve done much better this year making time for it, but my body hasn’t been cooperating.  I am calling a podiatrist tomorrow to see about my foot, so hopefully I’ll have an appointment for that soon.

C.  Current Goals – I leave for my Miami trip in 10days, so it’s a good time for some benchmarks (am I using that word right?)

  1. I need to drink more water!  My goal for now is a minimum of 6 full cups/siggs a day.  I probably won’t post this, but it’ll be something I’m doing (feel free to comment some reminders!).
  2. I think my nighttime snack is a result of genuinely not eating enough during the day and being truly hungry at night.  However, my job is insane, there is only so much I can do at this point.  So, hungry or not, I plan on closing the kitchen after dinner.  (I do tend to eat dinner in small courses rather than one large meal, but I know in the beginning what my plan is and I’ll stick to that)
  3. While I can’t do much weight-bearing exercise, I think I can commit to a 10minute minimum of strength training a day.

I know people are reading (blog stats) but not commenting, I realize everyone is super busy but any support (or criticisms!!!!) offered soon would be great!


3 Responses to Update

  1. VeggieGirl says:

    Even though I’m not a NEW reader, and ALWAYS comments, it was fun reading about all this 🙂

  2. VeggieGirl says:

    I meant “comment,” not “comments” 😉

  3. Emily says:

    You do VeggieGirl, you’re the best!

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