Bed-Post (it’s a pun!)

Yeesh, it’s midnight!  This will be quick, boring, and bedtime-ing.  I ate two candy corn kisses before dinner, so cute!

And then for the main event I had leftover soup and sourdough bread.

This time without cheese on the soup, and no olive oil for the bread; I dipped it into the soupy goodness.  This soup gets even better tasting as leftovers!

I packed up for tomorrow, did some more work, and added all of my students onto myskillstutor.  (Teacher readers what do you think of this program?)  I plan on waking up early tomorrow, I want to get to school super early before the field trip, so I’ve got to run to bed.  I didn’t get to do my 10minutes of strength work today, but I did drink so many glasses of water I lost count!  Progress, progress.  Night all!


2 Responses to Bed-Post (it’s a pun!)

  1. VeggieGirl says:

    Hehe, love the pun 😉

    Good luck with the field trip tomorrow!!!

  2. Hangry Pants says:

    Hope the field trip was fun!

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