Each One Better Than the Last

I ate my dinner in a series of delicious courses!  A and I went to the grocery store to pick up some staples and I ate the last serving of these from the back of the pantry while we walked.

For dinner I ate some of last night’s leftovers.

This was good, but I’m giving the recipe for what I did with the recommendation that it undergoes some tweaking.  I did the parts separately and put them together at the end.  This seems like it will be about 6 portions.

  • Cook ww linguine al dente, following your box’s instructions, and drain
  • Cook 2 medium chicken breasts, seasoned with salt and pepper, at 350* for 45minutes.  Slice the chicken into chunks.
  • Saute 1/2 a purple onion and a bag of frozen cauliflower in a T of PromiseActiv
  • Mix together a premade packet of french onion soup mix, a pint of non-fat sour cream (this makes french onion dip) and 1 C of chicken broth
  • Combine all parts in the pasta pot, let sit to combine (5minutes) then top with parsley

I would say this was good, but needed more punch; cheese maybe, or another seasoning.

While I studied I snacked on a plate of roasted yams.

Preheat oven to 425*, spray a foiled baking sheet with a little Pam, place down sliced yams, sprinkle with salt, and cook for 25minutes.  I do not flip when I roast veggies, even though I know most people do.  I also prepared this guy, a potato squash, to try tomorrow.

Finally I had a spooky sundae for dessert!

Half a cup of Slow Churned Yogurt Blends Vanilla topped with 3 crunched Oreos and 4 chopped Candy Corn Kisses. 

I’m feelin a little nervous about the test tomorrow.  I’ve heard from several sources it’s the hardest one, I looked over the free study guide tonight but I’m betting I should have done more; cest la vie!  I will not post tomorrow morning because I have to leave the house at 6:30!!!!!! to get to the testing center on time.  Have a good night (and morning) all!


3 Responses to Each One Better Than the Last

  1. Sharon says:

    What a cute spoookyyy dessert!

    Are those dried apples by Sunmaid?

  2. VeggieGirl says:

    Roasted yams + dried apple rings + Spooky Sundae = YUM!!! 🙂

    Don’t be nervous!! Stay positive!! I’m sending you LOTS of good vibes for that test. Good luck!!

  3. Emily says:

    Sharon – yes, they. They are good, but different from other dried fruit, I don’t love the texture, not chewy enough.

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