I didn’t have time for breakfast this morning and ended up eating breakfast for lunch at 1pm – what do you call that meal?!?!

I packed a go-cup each of Kashi Heart to Heart and some vanilla soy milk.

I love how Kashi puts actual hearts in the mix, too cute!

As predicted, the school day was crazy.  Coming back on a Friday post-field trip “day off” is always a bad recipe.  I stuck it out and stayed late after school to finish up some work.  I also spent about a half an hour working with a student.  This same student, is leaving in 3 weeks, because her family is moving to the Bronx.  I actually almost cried when she told me.  S was in my girls class last year, it was her 2nd year in America after moving to Jamaica and she couldn’t read at all.  She is the one student I really feel like a made a huge impact on, and I was so excited about seeing how much more she grew this year!  While she is in no way up to grade level she made major gains.  Let me know – Have any of you other teachers had similar experiences?

I was starving when I finally got home and felt like I needed food in my mouth im.ed.iate.ly so I stole one of A’s fun sized Fast Break bars.

For my real snack I made a golden holdin’ bowl!  Cheezy name comes from it’s color palate and purpose (to hold me over until dinner).

I used about a 3/4serving of nonfat plain Fage, topped with flax, a drizzle of maple syrup, and a golden kiwi.  I also ate a golden kiwi that I mangled while cutting.

These were good, but not as good as regular old Kermit kiwis.  And they were more expensive!  I have another fun “new find” for tonight though, so hopefully it will be more impressive.  What “new” fruits or veggies have you tried this season?

I’m taking my CST tomorrow so it’s going to be a low-key night.  We are eating left-overs so I only have to cook a side, we need a very teeny grocery run, and I’m going to do a little (last minute) studying.  See y’all later!


2 Responses to Le-Fast?

  1. VeggieGirl says:

    You should be super proud of helping that student with reading!! Fabulous!!

    That golden holdin’ bowl is so fun!! 🙂

    The “new” vegetable I’ve tried = bok choy

    The “new fruit I’ve tried = pluots

    Good luck with the CST tomorrow!!!

  2. HangryPants says:

    I always liked prunes, but I recently tried dried dates and they’re awesome!

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