Creative Crumble

I’m back!  My test this morning went well, I’ll be surprised if I don’t pass, but you never know.  It definitely reminded me of how much I love literature – my job as a teacher so far has been VERY focused on the how tos of reading.  There was a question that basically identical to a question on my Jr year Irish Lit exam – Thank you Dr. Bowen!!!

I had to be out of the house super early so I made an onion bagel with cream cheese to eat on the train.  I went through a bagel phobia phase because they were all so Humongous, but these Lenders’ varieties have only 140 calories a bagel and taste as good as I remember.

When I got a little closer to the test site I ate this Kashi bar too; I packed h2o too, I wanted to be certain I wouldn’t have a growling belly mid-test!

Afterwards I actually got lost!  I was on the phone with my dad and I forgot to pay attention while I was walking.  Chelsea is a pretty fun place to get lost though, I spent about an hour ooh and aahing and finding fun restaurants for A and I to try before I headed to a subway station.

Once I got home I made myself a healthy, 1.5minute version of apple crumble:  one chopped Macoun apple, sprinkled with cinnamon, topped with a 1/2C skim milk, microwaved for 1minute and topped with molasses and pecan granola!

Yum!  I’d give this combo “five spoons.”  I recommend the granola as well.

These Liz little packets are only $2 at my grocery store.

The rest of the day is looking pretty busy; I have a class at the gym I’d like to go to, tons of schoolwork to do and some errands to run.  We also have some Halloween movies!


One Response to Creative Crumble

  1. VeggieGirl says:

    Hooray for feeling confident about the test!!! I’m sure that you did SUPER well on it, no worries.

    Ooooh, love your quick & easy (and delicious) Apple Crumble!!

    Enjoy your busy (but fun) Saturday!!! Which Halloween films will you be watching!!?!??! I’m a huuuuuge horror flick fan…

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