Back with a Bang!

I’m back!  I had a ridiculously fun weekend away in Miami, but more on that later on….

I was super neverous to have not done plans for the week, and actually ended up waking up at 3:30! in the morning.  I just couldn’t go back to sleep so at 4am I rolled out of bed and got to work.  I ate a bowl of Kashi (2/3C Go Lean and 1/3C Crunch) with skim milk while I worked.

I got a lot done, but I will still be pretty slammed this whole week!

For lunch I packed a deconstructed pb & j (actually ab- almond butter!).  I had Mary’s Gone Crackers, celery, and a go pack of AB,

with apple slices and some triple berry preserves.  The Chiobani exploded in transit so I didn’t eat any yogurt.

I stayed late after school for tutoring (and lots of parent phone calls 😦 ) so I snacked on a Cliff Blueberry Crisp bar while I worked.

When I got home I shared one of A’s Pita Pan falafels,

and made up for my missing lunchtime yogurt with this combo:

I crumbled the Nutragrain bar ontop of the yogurt, almost like a crisp (just like my Cliff bar, I guess I was in a ‘eat like the weather’ mood today!).

A and I trecked to Staples and the drugstore, to make some copies among other things, and with my hurting foot the 2ish mile walk took up a good portion of time!  We def. enjoyed getting some couple quality time after a weekend away though, I LOVE to walk with A!

When we finally got home we made the quickest, easiest dinner ever!  These ingredients were all it took for tonight’s dinner (and tomorrow’s leftovers).

A big bowl of “tuna peas mac-n-cheese.”

I also ate another sliced apple for dessert.

The thing is a blob of whipped cream cheese with cinnamon.

I have a teensy bit more to do before I hit the hay, I’ve got an early morning of school work.  I will do a quick recap of some of the fun stuff though!

***Weekend in the MIA – was fabulous!  I got to spend some good quality time with some of my best friends from college and actually managed to see almost everyone who was important to me!  The sun was hiding, but the is plenty to do beyond the beach!  (My camera was being screwy so the following is a pretty random assortment of pictures)

For one get bubble tea (wiki it if necessary, ah-mazing!) from the place near my old apartment I was Obsessed with!

Me in front of the coolio sign.

When we went back again 2 days later we had to take a 2nd sign pic!  My girlfriends used to tell me how gross this looked in college but I think I’ve finally got them hooked.

The on campus bar/restaurant I worked at all four years of college is relocating and temporarily closing, so we had to make a stop in on alumni night.

I had the fantabulous buffalo chicken sandwhich for the last time ever (or at least for a while) along with a few too many beers!

I even got an employee’s only shirt from my former (and favorite) boss!

We also saw N.E.R.D on the green at UM!

We didn’t get home before 3am any night I was there, which is why I look a little haggard in this pic of us at Bongos, a Cuban restraunt in South Beach.

All in all it was FANTABULOUS!  I saw some of my favorite people, got to walk around my old university, hit up some of the fabulously dirty grove bars!  I even got to go to the C-Store (anyone who was friends with me in college was graced with at least 1 hour long trip to the campus conveinience store while I wandered about overwhelmed!)!


One Response to Back with a Bang!

  1. VeggieGirl says:

    WELCOME BACK!!! My oh my, what a fabulous weekend you had!!

    Oooh, triple berry preserves?? Yum!! And I loooove falafel. Eeek, sorry about the yogurt explosion!

    Happy Tuesday!!

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