It All Evens Out

Post title comes from the ironic zen-ness to my day.  Going on my trip made this week a living hell, but going on my trip also made me beyond happy and thrilled, so it all kind of evens out.  Similar sitch (adore that word) with my meals.

I ran out the door without breakfast and ended up stress-eating 5 fun sized candy bars from my desk (no pic, bag was too heavy for a camera).  Clearly on the lower end of healthy breakfasts, but my veggierific lunch evened things out!

Baby carrots with a Tbsp of blue cheese dressing and a Odwalla Pumpkin Smoothie!  (my celery had become more chewy then crunchy – gross!).  Lunch was yummy and put a smile on my face, but could have been more filling.

I grabbed dinner the minute I got home at 6pm.

I doctored up our leftovers with the rest of our pine nuts, a dash of salt, a tsp of evoo, and a liberal sprinkle of red pepper flakes.

A slightly more grown up version of the original dish.  I imagine when I have kids they’ll be served dish 1 and A and I will eat dish 2; I don’t ever picture myself making 2 meals a night.  If you are feeding your kids a healthy diet (and you are keeping a healthy diet) there’s no reason the two shouldn’t be able to converge.

I’m still a bit hungry, and know I’ll be up late, so I’m having on having a snack later.  Everyone have a productive evening!

*****Updated to add – I did in fact have a snack, a broccoli roll from Pinos; Yum!


6 Responses to It All Evens Out

  1. VeggieGirl says:

    Hooray for lots of vegetables!! 😀

  2. Hangry Pants says:

    Oh yes the fun is always worth it though! Nice addition of the veggies to the mac and cheese. When I have kids they will come out loving veggies, beans and hummus! Yeah right. 🙂

    I have that coke plus once and it made me ill!

  3. Emily says:

    Hangry Pants – hehe, I’m sure that because I grew up liking healthy food I will spawn Devil Dog inhaling veggie refusers… always seems to work like that! I can’t believe you don’t like the plus, do you just not drink much soda in general? I’m pretty soda obsessed and it’s probably my all time favorite.

  4. maggie says:

    Candy breakfast is better than no breakfast at all!

    Dinner looks yummy – I love diet coke plus 😀

  5. Sharon says:

    You make a good point about what you feed your kids and yourself!

  6. Emily says:

    Maggie – a fellow plus fan; Yay! I feel like the blog world does not share my obsession.

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