101st and an Epiphany

So, I realized a missed a mile-stone – my 100th blog post was yesterday!  I got more excited about that than I should.  I’m making an effort to be more consistent in the upcoming months, so we’ll so how long it takes me to get to 200!

I have no photos from today, due to oversleeping until a minute before being late, which is a good thing.  My day was an embarrassment of a carb-fest.  In total, between 7-5, I managed to eat a bagel, a donut, 4 garlic knots, and 2 cookies.  Holy calorie!

My day was pretty terrible.  I feel so sick I actually went home instead of doing my after-school duties.  I had a pretty high fever and that point and I was kind of in a daze.  My daze could be however, from the 2 massive fights we had today.  The results of which being a teacher getting slapped in the face and a hallway window being smashed to smithereens.

I went to Starbucks after school to catch up on grading (over a fruit and cheese plate and a nonfat latte) and while I was moaning I had a bit of an epiphany moment.  I was thinking about buying some books to give to my students, and some supplies for one girl, and I suddenly felt very calm.  I had a random burst of energy, and I definitely reminded myself that having a bad attitude will not help things at all.

I’m heading out to buy my student gifts in a little bit and I’m planning on staying up pretty late doing some work to get ahead.  I probably won’t be eating again, I’m still full, but I’ll post some pictures of what I buy.  Let me know – Have you ever had an “epiphany moment” about something in YOUR life?

*****Updated to add – Look at my spread!

I got 15 books for less than $130!  I know my kids won’t be as excited as I am, but no one ever does nice things for them, and hopefully, down the line at some point, they’ll remember it and feel happy.


3 Responses to 101st and an Epiphany

  1. VeggieGirl says:

    Hooray for your 101st post!! 😀

    So sorry about your day – believe me, this has been the week from hell for me too (sooo many midterms and assignments), so I can sympathize.

    I have epiphany moments quite often, when I have time to sit back and reflect.

  2. Sharon says:

    101 post is just as fine!! =)

    Sorry to hear about your day, but sometimes a way to look at the situation is, life is full of ups and downs. So, just pick yourself up and keep on going. you can totally do this! It’s Wednesday, so half way through the end of the week!!! Keep at it girl!

  3. Katie says:

    the world needs more teachers like you! hang in there….you are doing a great job 🙂 congrats on your 100th post!!!

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