Growling Belly

I did Not eat enough today!  Which, I’m going to rectify right now in fact, so this will be a quick post!  I slept through my alarm this morning, actually I slept through multiple alarms (scary!) so I had to scurry out the door.  Once I got to the train station I bought a bag of almonds and apricots (240calories total).

And then that was what I ate today, other than a Sour Patch Kid a student brought in for me because she knows I like them.

So sweet!  The kids got pretty excited about the new books, I am definitely glad I did it.

I am starving, but I’m considering planning next week’s meals and going to the grocery store, so we’ll see when I get to eat.  See you after dinner!


2 Responses to Growling Belly

  1. maggie says:

    Eek! Hope you find something yummy!

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