Sickness be damned, I’ve managed to have a good day!  I spread my food across a series of munchings, and got a lot of schoolwork done as well.

For lunch I had a Rome apple, some Kashi crackers, and some red pepper cheese.

Crunch-licious!  I made the cheese as a pimento cheese spin-off.  A diced up the remainder of a jar of roasted red peppers for me, I mixed that with some sliced extra sharp cheddar, and used a dab of light mayo for binding.  I wanted to use plain yogurt but A is not a fan.

Worked well, I’d say it is a matched opponent for pimento cheese, and recommend it to all.

I also snacked on a bag of Smart Balance popcorn while I took a Family Guy break with A.

I worked on plans, set up my copies, and have my materials for tomorrow.  Unfortunately, I only have two days worth of plans.  For some reason my school didn’t give me a curriculum map for this week.  This is something I find really frustrating – I’m not allowed to create my own units or follow my own schedule but then they only give us directions a few days in advance (or not at all it seems!).  I would much prefer the “extra” work of mapping my whole year myself and getting to read novels.  Would any teacher readers like to weigh in?

While I worked I ate a big plate of leftover veggies for dinner.  I sprinkled a tsp of evoo on the brussels sprouts and microwaved for 1.5minutes to reheat, delish!

A and I walked to Staples to make some copies, the weather is still pretty nice so it was great to get out of the house.  When we returned I had this snack.

(that’s a TJ’s 100calorie dark chocolate bar) The drink packet was a gift, last Christmas, so I felt like I needed to use it.  Not as healthy as a tea bag, but not too bad either.

I added a splash of skim milk to help it cool down and it was actually pretty great tasting.  If I see these anywhere I would maybe buy some (although not this month!).

I am finishing up my gradebook set up for the new quarter and then it’s shower and off to bed.  Sweet dreams to all!


One Response to Snackstress

  1. Sharon says:

    Lots of veggies!!! =D

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