I Exercised……My Rights!

Yes, I did head to the polls today, but first, a recap.

I am pretty sick, so I crashed before I could post (or eat) dinner yesterday, sorry!  I did have a fabulous lunch though.  The remains of my Mary’s Gone Crackers, a sliced Golden Delicious apple, and some curried chicken salad.


The salad is shredded baked chicken, a dab of lite mayo, curry powder, raisins, and some sliced dried papaya, yum.


I also had a Mondo to drink, was anyone else obsessed with these as a kid?  I’m not sure if the nutritional stats have changed since then, but these only have 35calories, which isn’t terrible.


When I got home from tutoring yesterday I had to rush out to make copies (we still  haven’t been given our weekly plan, but since I went and asked they showed me a draft!).  Before I went out I ate A’s remains of the red pepper cheese with some Kashi crackers.


And when I got home at 9pm I laid down, and didn’t get back up!

This morning I ate an Almond and Apricots in Yogurt KIND bar for breakfast on the train.


I never buy these, and when I do I ration them forever, but they make me so happy!

I was in too much of a sick daze to pack lunch last night or this morning so I had to buy, which wasn’t the happiest thing on my Thanksgiving Challenge.  Thank God in the neighborhood near my school I can get a sugarfree iced tea, 4 garlic knots, and a rice krispie treat for $2.75!  No pics because it seemed a little weird mid-professional development.

I didn’t eat enough though, because I was ravenous when I got home from voting!  A microwaved the rest of the roasted brussels sprouts with a little evoo for me,


and made me half an onion bagel with a slice of american cheese.


Then I ate another slice of american cheese.


And made a ‘cereal mash-up’ (typing mash-up to a non-Caribbean audience made my smile right then); 1/3C each of Multi-grain Cheerios, Cinnamon Toast Crunch, and Kashi Go Lean Crunch.


For how frickin’ hungry I was, I’m actually pretty proud of my choices!  I’m also very proud of voting!  I don’t want to turn this into a political blog, although I will let you know probably let you know whether I’m ecstatic or let down later, but just voting period was a big thing for me.

Since I was born (and raised) in the Virgin Islands I can never run for President.  I also only can vote if I’m residing in the continental US.  Since college doesn’t count as residence in Florida, I couldn’t vote in the last election.  So this was my first time ever being a part of the democratic process.

I have a doctor’s appointment in the city at 7, dinner to eat when I get back, and lesson plans to write for tomorrow so it will be a busy night.  And I know the rest of you are busy too, but please, make time to vote!


One Response to I Exercised……My Rights!

  1. VeggieGirl says:

    MONDO!!!! Definitely brings back nostalgia for me.

    This was my first time voting as well 🙂

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