Finally, A Fresh Start

I think this gorgeous picture (light decorated trees in front of Columbus Circle) best depicts how proud of my country I am right now.


And that’s all I’ll say, this is a food blog.  Not a lot of food to post unfortunately – I never got around to dinner! 

We didn’t get done at the doctor’s until 8pm.  By the way, I know it seems logical that someone feeling sick would head to the doctor but that’s really not my style (too logical!), I was actually at the dermatologist getting a planters wort removed from my foot.  The doctor said my next visit might be my last!  This doesn’t seem like a big deal to the inexperienced, but my last “wort incident” involved years of attempted removals culminating in a surgery that left me on future husband’s couch for 4 straight weeks.

Post doctor we stopped in at a William Sonoma and finally spent the last of our wedding gift cards!  Our registries were Target and WS so I basically have a dream kitchen stored in my parents’ house, this vist was just to stock up on some fun foods that will be debuting later this week. F.Y.I. – I did not count these purchases towards our challenge because without the gift $ we would have happily forgone them.  We are currently up to $6 and change, due to my lunch and some snacks A haplessly bought!

I will have to be sure to get up for breakfast tomorrow, I’ll be running on empty!  Whatever your political beliefs, I hope we can all share in the pride that our country finally elected its first minority president; no matter what your views on the economy, abortion, or the enviroment are, we can all agree that’s a big step forward!  Enjoy a night of democracy folks!


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