Pumpkin, Pasta, and Politics

I’m waking up in less than 6hours so this will be super speedy.  Lunch today was pretty lame, I knew I had to work through it so I didn’t even both to pack much.  A Strawberry and Almond FiberOne Bar,


and a Snapple Diet Pink Lemonade (how exciting is pink lemonade?!).


I stayed at school doing a hellish session of afterschool, but came home to find that A cooked dinner!  He made Rachael Ray’s Pennywise Pumpkin Pasta (cookbook recipe, sorry).


He did a very good job!  For accountability, I should also add that I ate so many unphotographed bites when I got home that it basically equals a second portion.

A was feeling sad, his job is rough too, so to show my dinner appreciation I pushed my work aside and we headed to the movies!  We saw W, which I would not recommend.  We packed our own (slightly) healthier snacks – a bag of Smart Balance popcorn and a serving of Hershey’s dark chocolate (3 fun sized bars).


I ate about half of the candy and almost all of the popcorn.

I have a TON to do when I wake up now so I’ve got to jump into bed, don’t let the bedbugs bite!


3 Responses to Pumpkin, Pasta, and Politics

  1. Sharon says:

    Wow, is that a new flavor? I wonder if how many years later will it then debut in Canada, because it looks tasty!

    And mmmm.. popcorn! Haha, have a good night!

  2. VeggieGirl says:

    Actually, Rachael Ray’s Pennywise Pumpkin Pasta is published in her magazine, so the recipe is “shareable” 😀

    Happy Thursday!!

  3. HangryPants says:

    Someone else just made that pasta, but with the sausage! I made it last year and loved it!


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