Ring, ring, ring?!?!

Wowzers, what a day!  So, apparently my alarm does not wake me up.  That’s fun.  It’s a “good” thing I wanted to wake up super early to work, because I was up 2hours after I planned to be!  I’m sort of freaking out about this new development, I don’t even know what to do.  Any suggestions anyone?

Once I was out of bed I ate this Passion Fruit Macadamia Kind Bar Plus on the train.


Yum.  And for lunch I ate another one of my new Greek yogurts, alongside a sliced Gala apple, and a Kashi bar.


I brought that big bottle of h2o with me and barley took a sip all day!

After school I helped one of my favorite co-workers write a permission slip for the boys’ basketball team he’s starting and then I went up into the city to meet up with A and his co-workers for a drink.  I had a Red Stripe and an unnecessarily large handful of bar peanuts (shell-on, I wouldn’t eat pre-shelled communal nuts!). 

We have one ‘free’ meal out a week on our challenge (and we also aren’t counting booze) and we used it tonight.  I had a veggie slice from a place near Union Square.


Good, but not neccessarily worth it for my one meal!  Our plan was to see a movie, but when A’s friend’s date was super late we missed the show and decided to just go home.  Oh, did I mention A is wasted?  Good times folks, good times.

I need to go tend to the husband, and it’s an early monring due to volunteering so I’m off.  If any of my readers are in A’s state – happy hangovers!


4 Responses to Ring, ring, ring?!?!

  1. VeggieGirl says:

    Oooh, a Passion Fruit Macadamia Kind Bar?? Sounds delish!!

    WOW, that’s a loaded pizza, haha 😀

    Enjoy your evening!! Sober up 😉

  2. Sharon says:

    Hahaha hangovers…. Burgers and fries the next day seem to cure it for me. LOL

  3. Emily says:

    I’m up too early to check on “Mr. Personality,” but our challenge budget doesn’t allow for burgers and fries…….I’m betting that bargain-bin cocoa puffs aren’t going to have the same effect!

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